I never thought I’ll take sewing seriously. I did it in school before, many many… many years back. It was a compulsory subject, Home Economics. My very first sewing project was a pair of culottes. Mom is the avid seamstress at home. You know, she’s not just avid, she did it for a living. I did wonder why I never caught on sewing.

A trip to Australia few months ago started my passion for fabrics. I felt my heart skip with excitement, nerves fluttering joyfully when I saw bolts and scraps and fat quarters of beautiful fabrics exhibited in front of me. At that moment, I had an impulse. I wanted to ‘own’ them all.

I had difficulty looking for beautiful fabrics for home decor, here in Singapore. And so it started my obsession and collection of fabrics, which I now want to share with you so you too can have access to these lovingly-designed fabrics.

After this, a chain of incidents happened that led me to start thinking about how I can translate these wonderful fabrics in creations that are not just beautiful but highly functional as well. Items that you and I would love to have in our homes, integrating aesthetics and comfort into our environment.

So, my sewing journey begins…