Hey there! I made this last weekend… I made a trial pet tunnel the weekend before for my cat but I forgot to take pictures! With that experience, I decided to tweak it abit and made it abit more exciting by designing it to look like a single bed. I also added quilt into the bed for added comfort.

Of course it all started with measurements and cutting.

Then I started sewing the pieces together. Had to run to mom a few times for advice.

Sorry I got abit carried away and forgot to take pictures after this. I must make sure I do the next time!


I felt a great sense of achievement when it was completed! It turn out exactly how I wanted it to. Of course, there were a few times I had to do some unstitching because the line wasn’t straight enough. But it was overall a very intense yet therapeutic sewing session.

I’m thinking of making either cushions or a simple blouse next… haha there’s no stopping me now.