This is my second proper sewing project. I bought this fabric in Sydney and have been wanting to sew this simple blouse since I got back more than a month ago! Anyway I finally got to it 2 days ago.

This pattern is based on a previous sewing attempt I made months ago but failed! Mom told me to use the same paper template and modify from there. OK… but for an amateur like me, I would have preferred to start from scratch.

After cutting the fabric

Cutting the pieces

I then sewn the shoulders.

Sewing the shoulders

Followed by the trimmings for the sleeves and collar.

Prepping the trimming

Closeup of the finished trimming

Next was sewing the sides and the bottom hem. Lastly I sewn on the pocket. On hindsight, I should have sewn on the pocket first. Not that there was anything wrong with the sequence, but sewing the pocket first without sewing the sides would have given me more ease in terms of maneuvering the fabric around.

Folding the pocket

Sewn-on pocket

That’s it! The finished product which I am so proud of… 🙂 I will be wearing this to work tomorrow!