This isn’t exactly a sewing project because there wasn’t any sewing involved at all. But it’s about how I made use of fabrics to build something so I think it deserves a place under ‘Sewing Projects’. (:

I finally got my hands on the lampshade materials so I could work on this long-planned lampshade I had in mind months ago!

I bought the bunny base from Australia (I thought of sis when I saw the bunny and thought it’ll make a great lamp for her! Coincidentally, it is the Year of the Rabbit.), lampshade material from USA and the rest of the parts were procured in Singapore. And that is why it took so long for me to eventually put all of them together.

So I started with the drum lampshade, because I can’t wait to see how the fabric would look on the shade. Hah!

Sticking the styrene sheet onto the fabric

Lining the edge with glue to stick to the frame

Holding the frame and the styrene sheet with wooden pegs

Here, you want to be careful with lining the edge properly with the frame. Otherwise, when you do the same for the bottom, the lampshade might not line up properly. The last thing you want is a crooked shade. ):

Hah... really kiasu with the pegs.

Both the top and bottom can be held together with the pegs at the same time. Leave to dry for about 20mins.

Wrapping the edges with a bias tape to hide the ugly metal

Overlaying with a purple ribbon

I overlay and stick with glue.

Adding another layer of patterned ribbon

Again leaving to dry for 20mins.

Then I started working on the electrical parts of the lamp. Sorry no pictures because I got too intent and it didn’t work! *_*

A picture of the lamp in daylight without the electrical parts yet.

Electrical parts not fixed!

Side note: Those wooden photo frames are pictures of me. Dad had them made. I was tempted to throw them out years ago but so glad I didn’t. They are so vintage looking now. Love them!

I brought the parts to the office today and asked a male colleague to help instead. Finally my wire connection was wrong. So viola! I brought it home and fixed all the parts together. Here it is!

Final outcome


What do you think? It turned out exactly the way I imagined! But sis said it’s a tad too flowery for her taste… but but… there really isn’t any flower on the fabric! Anyway… I really enjoyed making it. My very first handmade lamp. You should try it too.