Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to express your love and to show how much you care. It is not just for lovers but for family members and best pals too… So besides buying a gift or an exquisite dinner… consider a handmade gift that will warm any heart. Here are some valentine-inspired crafts and treats I gathered. As I put them together, my mind was imaging how I can use fabrics in place of paper or other material in place of fabrics.

Be creative and shower your valentine with lotsa hearts…

{1} Valentine’s Cookies (I love how they convert an otherwise unromantic archetype of a Fortune Cookie to a romantic one. Make many and insert them with a different love message.). I’d like to see one made with patterned fabric!
{2}  All you need is love (Made with heart-shaped fabric. I think this is such a heart-warming valentine gift.)
{3} Hug me (Pillow with a love message – this one has a tutorial! Click on link.)
{4} iPad cover (I really like the modern hearts design)
{5) Puffed heart (a wall art piece – a display of love)
{6} More cookies (These are too pretty to be consumed! – Step-by-step guide for those who want to bake cookies for your valentine)
{7} Fluttering hearts (Say it with love… maybe it’s a love confession? ;>)
{8} Love Garland (I like the use of different fabrics here. Try it with paper or other material. This link comes with a tutorial but not in English so you may have to guess a bit.)