Sewing History

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Hand sewing goes back 20,000 years. The first sewing needles were made of bones or animal horns and the first thread was made of plant fibers and animal sinew. Later it was found that fibers from plants and animals could be spun together to make thread. It was used to stitch together hides, furs, and bark for clothing and other uses. Sewing has helped form civilization itself.

Sewing machines did not go into mass production till the 1850s. It was Issac Singer who made it possible. With computerization, it led to mass production of sewn objects from fashion to quilting to shoemaking to bookbinding.

And of late, there seems to be some renewed interest or trend in sewing, DIY, handmade. Maybe there are too much commercialization out there, too much mass production, too much duplication, that is pushing consumers now to look for an alternative source, a unique-something to buy. Not that I dislike the mass-produced stuff or choose not to buy any (I’m not that extreme), but I started looking at handmade creations that are so unique and reflective of the artists’ flair and style. And it’s not just aesthetics, it is about meeting that artist, knowing the creative process he/she took to product that piece painstakingly. It’s like buying a piece of artwork.

Sis and I designed bags years ago and mom was the one who would materialize them. It was indeed very fulfilling to have people loving and buying your creations. Late last year, I began developing an interest in getting my hands dirty. There is something mysteriously satisfying when you complete a sewing project. I started browsing the net for more information as well and found that there is indeed some sewing interest out there and some inquiries on sewing classes. You may just be interested in doing this leisurely. Simple sewing projects for yourself or a loved one. For some, it could be a bigger plan to turn this into a small business to start selling your creations online.

Whatever your intent may be… I am trying to put together a list of sewing classes in Singapore so that anyone who got bitten by the sewing bug can have some idea on where to start. I’m in Australia right now and can’t make IDD calls (too expensive!) to enquire about the classes. I should be back in 2 weeks so I hope you check back in 2 weeks’ time!