This is my latest sewing project. I just completed it yesterday. I bought this fabric on sale whilst I was in Sydney. I really love the small animal prints on the fabrics.

This one is a rather simple top, similar to the last one I did but I added a rounded collar. Overall I am quite satisfied with it but would prefer if it wasn’t so loose.

Time taken: 3 hours (cutting and sewing)
Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5

Cut pieces

Cut pieces

Sewing the edges

Sewing the edges

No fraying!

Rounded collar

Sewing the rounded collars first. Getting the curve right wasn't easy.

Collars are flipped inside out

Sewing the shoulders next.

Stacking the collar backing and collars onto the main body.

Small slits were made to prevent bunching when flipped over.

The ends of the collars (back of blouse).

Folding the sleeve in for stitching.

Bottom of blouse opening at back where the opening.

Extra stitching on the collar to 'anchor' it.

Sewing the buttons on the back.

Dotty animal blouse

Yay! Finished piece...