Cushions are quickest and inexpensive way to give your living space an instant lift! It is the ‘secret weapon’ or ‘finishing touch’ that interior decorators use to give that finishing touch to a room. Here are 5 simple tips to decorating with cushions that will give your room instant style and beauty.

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Harmonious matching of living area with good use of cushions to further add on to the entire appearance Image Source

A more luxurious and elegant style would require more throw pillows. This helps add lushness and extreme comfort.
For a more modern, streamlined look, just a few (maybe 3 or 5) will do. Yes do use odd numbers.
A country-styled room would usually have a few pillows on the couch, one perhaps on the arm chair/rocker and a few on the floor.

You may think that any number of cushions should do so long as you fancy. Why should the number be important? Well, using an odd number of the same design or mix up the colours/ designs creates a statement and gives the room an inviting look. A typical number is usually 3 or 5. But more is fine, just remember the golden odd number as a general guide!

Make a measurement from the seating to the top of your couch or sofa. From there you can roughly gauge a good size for your couch. Standard cushion sizes are 16in x 16in. For oversized chair (armchair or rocker), you can consider wider and shorter pillow. If you are thinking of creating a grouping, lay larger pillows in the back and smaller ones in the front. For fabric groupings/matching, you can check out some of them here for some inspiration.

Where to place them? What is a proper way that will look good in photos or when your friends visit? Imagine an invisible line drawn vertically in the middle of your couch, what is on the right should then reflect on the left. For e.g. if you have two pillows on the left, then have another two on the right. Oh and don’t forget one right in the middle because we want to have odd number of pillows.

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Colours can be used to generate different emotions and associations when decorating a room. When you choose a colour for the cushions, make sure you pull colours that are used in the room as well.

As a general colour guide:
WHITE: Pure, truthful, modern, contemporary, refined, clean
YELLOW: Positive, sunny, warm, happy
ORANGE: Fun, cheerful, warm, exuberant, playful, vibrant
PINK: Feminine, innocent, soft, healthy, calming, secure, sweet
RED: Bold, excited, passionate, strong, vital, sexy, powerful
BLUE: Authoritative, secure, trusting, reliable, mysterious
GREEN: Tranquil, healthy, fresh, nature, cool
BROWN: Utilitarian, earthy, wood, subtly rich, dignified
GREY: Authoritative, practical, corporate, understated
BLACK: Distinctive, bold, classic, sophisticated, strong, elegant, seductive

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1) STYLE: Using more cushions to create a lushness feel 2) NUMBER: Using odd numbers 3) SIZE: Grouping the cushions 4) Creating a 'symmetrical' placement 5) Pulling colours from the room Image source

Fun patterns are another attractive way to decorate with cushions. Again, because cushions are small investment, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to fabric. Colorful and dynamic patterned cushions add designer style. If you opt for a particularly complex pattern, make sure that surrounding fabrics are light colored and not too complex.

These cushions would go very well with a neutral, pastel colour palette, but not as matching with a couch that is black, for example. The above fabrics can be bought at Image source

I hope the above tips give you a great start to decorating with cushions! This is a great opportunity to use interesting fabrics. What I love about decorating with cushions is that they are low investment and can always be replaced easily. Remember to use cushion covers with zippers so it can be washed easily or changed to match your emotions or style. Also, try not to use the same fabric on your cushions if you are already using that fabric somewhere else in the same room. It somehow makes the room look unnatural.

On a ‘custom-make’ note: If you love to decorate your room(s) with cushions but don’t know how to sew the cushion covers yourself. You can find custom-make cushion covers services here.

Have fun!