Cheep cheep little bird

Cheep cheep little bird
You are upset I have heard
Is that because you can’t fly?
Is not hard, you have to try

Don’t just wonder in your nest
Be brave and try your best
Flap your wings fast in the air
The wind will help you to make it fair

Cheep cheep little bird
You are happy I have heard
You can fly and sing so loud
You made yourself really proud

– Marinela Reka

all about birds

{1} Lampshade (What a beautiful lampshade! I think my next fever series will be on lampshades.)
{2} Stuffed birds (Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!)
{3} Brooch (I have to include a brooch, my all-time fav accessory)
{4} Apron (The vintage style apron using a bird fabric is adorable.)
{5} Lunch Bag (I want one, but bigger please!)
{6} Bird Wall Decal (I might just be happier doing the dishes if I can look at this pretty decal.)