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After a 2-week travel, I am finally able to settle down to sew last night! I didn’t really have a project in mind but all I wanted to do was to give myself a sewing therapy session. 🙂

I recently bought a pair of flight socks, my third! First pair which were really good, and I forgot the brand, decided to go into hiding. I searched every nook and cranny in the apartment but it was no where to be found. I felt kinda heart pain since it worked well. So I went and bought a 3M pair as replacement. These ones aren’t too good, I think they aren’t as ‘supportive’ hence after a flight my legs feel very swollen still. And so I got a third pair. I got these OPPO Medical ones from Guardian Pharmacy. Err… not advertising for them but for the interest of those who are looking to buy a pair. I think these are quite good. Better than the 3M ones.

Anyway, they usually don’t come with any pouch and since I’ve already misplaced/lost a first good pair, I didn’t want to lose these again. So I decided to make a ‘striking’ pouch so I can see and find them easily.

I used this gorgeous Alexander Henry Kleo fabric and a pink polka dot fabric (from Spotlight) for the drawstring. I didn’t even draw any template! I thought it was gonna be so simple anyway. And it was! But for those who would like a template, just drop me a note, I will do a quick sketch and email it to you ok?! I’m thinking of adding some embroidery details or something to it. Hmm… waiting to be inspired. Any suggestions?

Difficulty Level: 0.5 out of 5
Time taken: 1hour (fabric cutting and sewing)

Although it was a quick one-hour project, I actually felt relieved. ;D I’m meeting a few friends this sat for a sewing get-together over gelato and cakes. Now what should I sew?

Just two pieces of cloth needed

I did the double wrapping to seal the frays. Sewing one side first, then flip over, and sew again to tuck the frays in.

Measure the top where your drawstring area is and leave that unsewn.

Fold the edges making sure the frays are tucked inside.

Sew a rectangle to secure the 'hole'.

Do the same for the other side. As I chose to draw the string from one side only, I did not leave any gap on this side.

Similarly, double sew to hide the frays.

Fold the top towards the inside of the pouch, hiding the frays inside. Sew two lines across the top. You don't really need to sew the top line nearer to the opening, but I wanted this look.

Pouch is almost done. We need the 'string' now.

Sewing the 'string'. Fold the fabric and use needles to hold it together.

Sewn 'string'.

I used a paper clip to guide the 'string' through.

Useful tool!

There... my flight socks sits safely in it.


I was strolling down the narrow street in Sodermalm,Stockholm, the bright sun was beating down and my eyes squinting in an attempt to filter some rays off… something brighter actually caught my eye across the street! Some beautiful textiles mesmerized and beckoned. The gorgeous and eye-catching patterns were in control of my feet.

As I entered the cute little shop, my heart was filled with a delightful glee. Beautiful fabrics made into bags, pouches, cushion covers, bibs, aprons
 what have you
 I wanted to bring everything home!

For those of you who love Swedish design, it embraces simplicity, boldness, elegance.  So hopefully the designs brought a smile to your face as it did mine…

{1} Cushion Cover
{2} Small Shoulder Bag – I was soooo close to getting one of these, but they ran out of the design I want! 😩
[3} Baby bib
{4} Toiletries Bag

A short read about 10-Gruppen/Ten Swedish Designers

10-gruppen was formed in 1970 by ten young textile designers who wanted to be able to control the entire process, from the preliminary sketch to the printed textile, and to provide good Swedish design.

Today, 10-gruppen is owned and operated by three of the original founding designers, Birgitta Hahn, Tom Hedqvist and Ingela HÄkansson, who design all the fabrics.

The 10-gruppen shop on Götgatan in Stockholm  sells the print collections by the metre as textile or oilcloth. It also markets a range of products with their own prints.

The 10-gruppen designs are famous for their powerful and expressive style and colours.

Over the years, 10-gruppen has been exhibited abroad regulary, including in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Berlin.

In addition to being sold in their own shop, 10-gruppen products are marketed by retailers and distributors throughout Sweden, Europe, Asia and the USA. 10-gruppen has also collaborated regularly with IKEA.

Visit the 10-Gruppen website.

Ok, so you just bought a new home, or maybe you are looking to refresh your room, give it a boost or a lift, bring new life. I have a personal interest in learning more about this topic because I am looking for a new home and have always wondered how I can give it the mix-and-match that I want and still come out looking right and more importantly, it looks like mine! My personality, my colours, my mood.

I earlier wrote a blogpost on using cushions to give it a breath of fresh air. One other easy way besides an overhaul to your space is to play with colours, for e.g, give your room a fresh coat of paint or adding blocks of colours using lampshades or a canvas or new curtains to introduce new, fresh perspective.

In this series of ‘COLOURS’, I will tackle some fundamental questions we ask ourselves when we want to apply colours. First part of the series: What do colours mean and how they are grouped?

We live in colours. The colour you choose to wear on a day reflects your mood or an occasion or meeting you are attending that day. Each colour holds a meaning and it interacts or reflects with our state of mind. Some days you feel like wearing black and on others you go all passionate with red. Changing your wardrobe is an easy thing to do but a room colour is something you need to consider properly.

Colours are group into three major classes:

  1. Active Colours (Red, pink, yellow, orange)
    – Strong, passionate and seeks to stand out
  2. Passive Colours (Blue, green, purple)
    – Calming, soothes.
  3. Neutral Colours (White, black, gray, beige, brown)
    – Generally relaxing, and boring to some.
Colour groupings

Colour groupings

However note that less saturated shades of the above colours would make you feel different. If we compare a bright fiery red and a muted brick red, you would find yourself feeling or responding differently.

Saturated colours vs. Muted colours

Saturated colours vs. Muted colours

Learning about colours will help you find balance in your life, room, space. For e.g. unless you want to be energized all the time, you may choose not to use red, orange or yellow as the main colour in your bedroom, since it is usually used for resting and retreating from the world. Instead you may want to consider a blend of colours from the passive and neutral groups. Green or blue are generally calming and even inspiring, both physically and emotionally.

Here’s a list of what major colours mean:

Red: Action, confidence, courage, vitality
Pink: Love, beauty
Brown: Earth, order, convention
Orange: Vitality with endurance
Gold: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom
Yellow: Wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
Green: Life, nature, fertility, well being
Blue: Youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Purple: Royalty, magic, mystery
Indigo: Intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
White: Purity, Cleanliness
Black: Earth, stability
Gray: Security, maturity

In the next part of this series, we’ll chat more about how to use colours, mixing and matching them in our interior. Til then, have fun exploring with colours with the clothes you pick to wear everyday. See how it influences the way you feel!

My latest favourite tote bag’s strap gave way whilst we were holidaying in Taipei last week! *sob* It came loose on the second last day…

Loose strap - Probably from my 'abuse' *_*

I was just browsing some books on bag-making in one of the bookshops in Taipei and saw this bag that I really like. Then by chance, the strap came loose. So I decided to make one to replace this one. I wanted the same canvas look but used Alexander Henry’s fabric for the pocket and the interior fabric. Simply cannot do without a pretty fabric!

It took me almost 45mins to sketch out the pattern and the size I want. Then another 2 hours sewing the pieces together. I did this last night. It was real fun! If you want the template, drop me a note… I can email it to you. 🙂

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5
Time taken: 2.5 –  3hours (including pattern sketching, fabric cutting and sewing)

Cut fabrics

Sewing the exterior - top canvas and bottom orange peach fabric

Closeup of the joint pieces

Prepping the exterior pockets - I made two, one for each side

Sewn pocket

I sewn both the sides (1cm) before making a bottom depth of 10cm

Cut the corners off

Sew the sides of the interior fabric

Do the same with the bottom. Cut the corner too.

Sewn the shoulder strap

Sewing the interior to the exterior body

Tada! Bag shot flat on table.

Prefer this shot 🙂

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: