My latest favourite tote bag’s strap gave way whilst we were holidaying in Taipei last week! *sob* It came loose on the second last day…

Loose strap - Probably from my 'abuse' *_*

I was just browsing some books on bag-making in one of the bookshops in Taipei and saw this bag that I really like. Then by chance, the strap came loose. So I decided to make one to replace this one. I wanted the same canvas look but used Alexander Henry’s fabric for the pocket and the interior fabric. Simply cannot do without a pretty fabric!

It took me almost 45mins to sketch out the pattern and the size I want. Then another 2 hours sewing the pieces together. I did this last night. It was real fun! If you want the template, drop me a note… I can email it to you. 🙂

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5
Time taken: 2.5 –  3hours (including pattern sketching, fabric cutting and sewing)

Cut fabrics

Sewing the exterior - top canvas and bottom orange peach fabric

Closeup of the joint pieces

Prepping the exterior pockets - I made two, one for each side

Sewn pocket

I sewn both the sides (1cm) before making a bottom depth of 10cm

Cut the corners off

Sew the sides of the interior fabric

Do the same with the bottom. Cut the corner too.

Sewn the shoulder strap

Sewing the interior to the exterior body

Tada! Bag shot flat on table.

Prefer this shot 🙂