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We received a custom order for cushion covers and tablecloth. Petra picked the lovely Amy Butler fabrics in the Soul Blossoms collection. I really love how the fabric combination works so well together, livening up the patio. Quoting her, she said they really are “good mood” fabrics because they bring a smile to her face every time she catches a glimpse of them. That brought a smile to my face too! 🙂 Great choice, Petra!

A well-designed fabric brings life to a space

A wider shot of the patio


Time to sew… but what?! Given the crazy weather in Singapore now, swinging from hot humid to wet humid… I’ve been thinking perhaps a sleeveless top would be ideal. So I spent some time looking for some inspirations.

I searched “Sewing a vintage tank top” and found these. This shall be my sewing project when I next find time!

{1} Green lines with pink pocket (Love the solid coloured pocket and button strip against a stripey fabric!)
Yellow Dyed (The simplicity of this piece caught me.)
Mens tank (The solid pocket on the tank is cool. This is a men’s tank top though.)
Pink stripes (Good play of lines.)
2-pocket look (I like the 2-pocket look too. This is one of my fav.)

I simply LURVE Ink & Spindle fabric designs…  They are simple and elegant. The colours are soothing and what is best, they are also hand screen printed on organic cotton. By buying organic cotton, you are buying a product that’s socially and ecologically responsible. You can read more about organic cotton.

Anita bought the Ink & Spindle Birch Forest in Robin Egg and Acacia in Persimmon about a month ago. I knew she was gonna make wall art with them but when I saw these images sent to me 2 days ago, I was stunned. I immediately asked Anita if I could share them on my blog and she said yes! So here’s something to inspire all of us… 🙂

Fabrics are so beautiful with heaps of creativity poured into them that they are like fine art pieces. So what an apt way to display them at home or at work like pieces of art, to excite, inspire, delight and as Anita puts it… bring “peace”.

Thanks Anita!

Fabric Wall Art 1 (Ink & Spindle Acacia in Persimmon)

Fabric Wall Art 2 (Ink & Spindle Birch Forest in Robin Egg)

Look what I found!!! These are vintage treasures I saw lying on the table. Mom took them out of her private storage. I am soooo sewing these buttons on this skirt I’ve been thinking about making.

Vintage buttons! And they were grouped in dark and light colours.

Look at the vintage needles packaging!

Hooks & Eyes, and studs

Of course, Chaco had to come disturb when I was shooting these treasures. As you can see, he loves buttons too.

Yes, ‘UFO – Unfinished Objects’ Sewing Day has arrived. We all agreed to meet at 12nn at Parkway Parade Shopping Centre for lunch before heading to the event. I must say that it didn’t start very well. First it was raining, so I couldn’t ride there. So, sis and I decided to take a bus and when we got to the bus terminal, we realised that it will take about an hour and it was already 1130am by then. Since we’ll be so late, we thought it’s best to catch a cab instead. We walked to the main road only to find too many cab-competitors. We waited for 10mins and decided that we should go back for the scooter since the rain has stopped by then. So it was back to square 1 after all that… Anyway I felt really relieved that we are finally moving nearer toward our destination. Felt really bad to keep my friends waiting though.

We finally arrived at Scoop of Art, Marine Parade Community Club, after our lunch at 1.30pm. Scoop of Art is a really cool looking cafe that supports the arts. They encourage patrons to work on their own art pieces over gelato and coffee. I love the illustrations in the cafe. They even paint the floor! You have to go there to have a look.

We found that Popin members were already busy sewing away.. 🙂

Popin members already sewing away when we got there...

For this event, the intention was to bring unfinished projects to sew but since I didn’t have any and I really wanted to do something for the dolphins hence we continued the concept of ‘SEW FOR GOOOD’. We had ‘SEW FOR JAPAN’ the last time so we ‘SEW FOR DOLPHINS’ today. I pre-cut the dolphins using felt and sis helped with the fabric strips prior to today so everyone could all maximise our time just sewing. It was really fun and relaxing just sewing for a good cause, laughing over silly things and catching up with my friends. It was a well-spent afternoon. I hope the rest feel the same!

Everyone looking very fresh and excited!

With the generous help and time offered by them (pictured above), it was a successful sewing day! These dolphin ribbon badges will be sold at SGD10 at some venues (TBC) around the island. And 100% of the proceeds will go to ACRES for their campaign (saddestdolphins) and awareness programs for the dolphins. We’ll be meeting again 2 weeks later (likely to be a Saturday again) to make more of them. If you know of any retail shops that may be willing to place them at their shop or you would like to join us to contribute, do drop me a message.

Here are some pictures capturing what we did today…

Click on image for a larger view!

Hang them, hook them, sew a safety pin on them and use as badge!

Our finished work today...

The crafters who helped 'Sew for Dolphins'. From left: Leonie, Sulis, Chin, Sanz, Jenny, Hong

Note: Some of the fabrics used are sponsored and may be purchased at GOOOD Fabrics.

I gathered a few friends and we are going to ‘UFO-Unfinished Objects’ sewing event this Saturday organised by POPIN, a group of very creative people from a varied background, to sew over gelato. Again, I felt an urge to make this a sewing session to raise fund to help our animal friends who don’t have a voice of their own and are suffering in silence.

It was very timely that Resort Worlds Singapore have 25 dolphins being kept in the Philippines now waiting to be transported to Singapore. I’m sorry I get very emotional about this so I shall not dwell on this topic for too long but for more information, you can watch The Cove, or The Cove FB page or visit Anyway I wanted to take the opportunity on Saturday to sew something to help the dolphins. Our last sewing-charity event was a success, at least to ourselves. And I think it makes alot of sense to continue the effort. I then asked my friends if they are keen to join me to SEW FOR DOLPHINS, they all agreed immediately!

I thought I’d make a prototype as this is my first time handling thick felt and I wasn’t sure if I can get the shape I wanted. There were some learnings from our previous session and I thought this time, it has to be something fairly quick, fun and easy to make. It allows for a certain degree of creativity so it’s up to how the crafters want to add their personal touch.

Here it is… I will be updating this blog again on Saturday on how our sewing went.

Please… free the dolphins.

Dolphin Ribbon Badge - made with stud closure so you can hang it on your bag or car rear mirror or ANYWHERE!

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: