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This project is inspired by a craft project on Martha Stewart’s website but I preferred a simpler leaf shape. Also I wanted a ‘raw’ look of hand-sewing stitches instead of machine stitching.

I’ve always like the look of felt. Rather than the suggested tweed on the site, I’m using felt!

This project is extremely easy to do except that you will need to get the double-sided fusible webbing.
Difficulty level: 1 out of 5

If you would like the template, feel free to drop me a note. In the meantime, I will try to get it ready for download here.

Materials for leaf bowl

Material: A. Fusible webbing (double side) B. Felt C. Cotton fabric D. Leaf template

Fusing the cotton fabric first, then the felt (picture missing for felt!)

Cotton fabric on one side and felt on the other

Leaf bowl templates

Cutout ready for sewing

Closeup of my hand-stitching

Finished bowl (small size)

I made a total of 3 bowls but just not captured in this shot.


I was just surfing aimlessly and found a post about reupholstering. I don’t know why but I love the idea of seeing an old piece of furniture being given a new breath of life, like a reborn.

Old Furniture By Lucy Godden

Dust settles on old furniture,
Like a veil eclipsing the past.
Every scratch a remembrance,
Each shadow we once cast.

Faded lipsticks on old coffee mugs,
Each well-read book,
Each loving look.
Are stolen now, we did what we could.

Memories of me and you,
Are stains in this old abandoned room.
They are but memories now, we never knew
As I grow into adulthood; furniture anew.

Here’s a tutorial I found on youTube on reupholstering:

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