My girlfriend delivered a baby girl last month. Of course I had 9 months to prepare the nursing cover but I just had to wait til her baby girl is born before it got me moving! Tsk tsk… Anyway one of the reasons why I took so long was also cos I was trying to figure out to create the ‘peep’ effect on the collar area so mommy can still maintain eye contact with the baby whilst feeding.

I googled for ‘how to make nursing cover’ and a whole list came up. Unfortunately I lost the link which I followed 😦 But here’s a great link too.

You would need the following:

  • 1-1.5M fabric (I chose a very light premium cotton fabric type, Chalky Silhouette by Patricia Bravo, due to our tropical climate)
  • 1 pair of D ring
  • 12″ plastic strip/boning

I will not go into too much detail on the steps since the link above has a pretty comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

Difficulty level: 3 out of 5 (because of the boning)

Prepping the neck strap and holding them in place with pins

Sewing the D rings on

Inserting the plastic strip/boning, centered on the body piece

Stitching the neck straps left and right of the centered boning piece

Flipping the neck straps upwards and sewing them so they stay upwards

Completed work - Closeup view

Completed work. Yay!