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How is it that sewing buns bring luck? Well it all started when Sulis mentioned that they were really lucky in getting a table in about 5 minutes at lunch, prior to the sewing session, which started at 12.30pm. Then after the sewing session, we went to an extremely crowded steamboat dinner place and shortly after we were seated, a long train of queue started. And too-much-food later, we still wanted dessert and managed to get a table for 6 in under 3 minutes! People who know Ah Chew Desserts at Liang Seah Street, would know that that is one popular and crowded dessert joint. Anyway, that was the ‘luck’ story… 😉

Anyway, all 12 of us gathered at Station 51 at Campers’ Corner (51 Waterloo Street). Calvin, da boss, was very generous to loan us the space. *Thanks Calvin!* So, we occupied the alfresco dining area outside the store. With some good caffeine and yummy food inside us, we started our sewing session.

I always get a good fuzz inside me when I see like-minded chumps/sistas gathering just for fun, food, chats, working with our hands and for a good cause too. One of my friends brought her 11-year old daughter along too. And she started sewing after warming up a bit.

We also had a visitor who came along to ‘kaypoh’, *cough* I mean, egg us on… or maybe just there for the beer and cracker! But a good companion nonetheless… oh and he HAD to buy a bunny in the end since they were so cute. ;P

As with the earlier sewing sessions, I would bring the sewing templates and sponsor all fabrics (courtesy of GOOOD Fabrics) and materials. But most friends came with their own embellishments to add on to the stuffed bunnies. I love to see the creativity flows and always curious how each piece would turn out really adorable and unique, reflecting the personality of the ‘sew-er’. We usually end around 3-4pm but with the rain blasting away, it gave us more time to continue sewing.

At the end of the day, 26 stuffed bunnies were born, all lovingly and earnestly handmade. They are made into charms, keychains and brooches. We will be packaging them up and sending them off to HRSS. HRSS will be holding an event on the 4th Dec, selling the hand-made stuffed bunnies along with other merchandise. I do not have the details at this point. I’ll post details of the event on FB when I get it. Do visit!

Thanks again to all those who generously donated their time and effort by turning up on a Saturday and contributing in your own special way… I thank you on behalf of HRSS and the bunnies who will benefit from the funds they will raise during their event.

PS: I apologise again that the templates were a challenge for some. I will try to give more instructions or tips on Dos and Don’ts and it’ll be easier next time!

1| All smiles! From left: Sanz, Li Eng, Iris, Pat, Cornelia
2| Peace! From left: JiaJin, Peng Hong (Rainbow), Sulis, Leonie

3| Sewing template
4| Which fabric should go with what??? Decisions… decisions…
5| Yup, we were at Station 51, Campers’ Corner at 51 Waterloo Street. Lovely wraps and pizza… Great caffeine pit-stop too!
6| Intently sewing away…

7&8| No-nonsense!
8&9| Breaking for a Kodak moment 🙂

11| The pile of finished stuffed buns growing as the day progresses
12&13| Posing with the bun-stars
14|All 25 of them 


I’ve been busy sketching and planning for an upcoming ‘Sew for HRSS (House Rabbit Society of Singapore)’ event. The basic requirement is to be able to hand sew the stuffed toy. As we will eventually be handing the stuff rabbits to HRSS to sell them during their fund-raising roadshows, I had to make sure that the stuff toys aren’t too time-consuming to make or we won’t get too many completed during our 4-5hour sewing session this coming sat.

I’ve also had some sewing inquiries, people are keen but also apprehensive on whether they can sew or not. Well, I thought I should document how it’s done for everyone’s benefit so they aren’t too nervous. I started sewing yesterday and I think I got abit hooked on making them. Really, it’s not that hard! Just come and we’ll help each other along!

Place the template onto the fabric (right sides facing each other), using pins to hold the template and fabric. You can choose to cut out the fabric now or use a pencil to trace the outline. I prefer tracing then removing the template so I can cut the shape out properly.

Fabric cut into shape.

Using either running stitch or back stitch to sew the pieces together. I used running stitches and sew the pieces from start to end point and back to start point again. Running stitch is not as secure, hence I doit twice. Remember to leave a small gap for stuffing!

Back and running stitches

Flip the sewn fabric inside out, making sure to push the edges out before you start stuffing.I used a pair of forceps to stuff the rabbit.

Closing the hole once you are happy with the amount of stuffing.

I sewn one of the ear down, just for fun… 😉

Next, cut a small oval felt. I then used embroidery thread to sew the eyes.

Using the same thread, I stitched the face onto the body.

The front is done!

I found some teeny poms poms and decided to sew one on as the tail.

Pom pom tail… adorable!

Bunny friends – Front view

Bunny friends – Front view

Using the same steps, I made a few more. It got really fun when I started playing with different colours and eyes.

This post has been long-overdue! GOOOD Fabrics was featured in September DECORATIONS, DCRS Magazine, Volume 83. I’ve been wanting to blog about it since September. ;P

DECORATIONS wanted to do a piece on using fabrics at home and approached me since the fabrics were selected for home decorating.

DECORATIONS Magazine Cover

Magazine - Inside

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

It was our day out at ‘The Fair’ (Goodwood park Hotel) on the 9th and 10th Nov last week. It was two days of setting up, selling, meeting people, chatting, making new friends, more chatting, and yes… SHOPPING too!

There must be about more than 50 stalls in all. I should have made a count. I shared the stall with two other crafting friends, Choi Yin and Patricia who started ‘SOHLM’.

Choi Yin is an illustrator who made the granny illustrations based on characters she met and spoke with during her travels. The illustrations were then printed onto fabrics in the US and made into granny hand bags. Patricia is a bubbly crafter and a fabric junkie, probably why we cliqued immediately. 😉

My lovely pal, Jenny, came on both days to ‘man’ the stall with me. During quiet times, we’ll be chatting away, going to neighbouring stalls to chat more, and then walking around and shopping away! We also had friends and family visiting… thanks to all who dropped by!

I truly enjoyed myself especially those times when I get to meet like-minded people and how we just ‘connected’ immediately. We already talked about getting together for the next fair. 🙂

And thanks to all who dropped by at the stall!

Here are some snapshots of the two days:

Our new name card designed specially for The Fair!

Collage 1

1: ChoiYin and Pat setting up
2: Pretty pretty granny bags
3: Foxy cuteness by our Shanghainese designer friend
4: Crafts made with fabrics from GOOOD Fabrics

Collage 2

5: My ‘FAIR’ partners
6: A glimpse of the stalls
7: iPad protector by GOOOD Fabrics
8: That’s me!

It’s been a while since I last blogged… that’s cos we are busy prepping for ‘The Fair’ that will happen this coming Wed and Thurs. And yes, this is the first time we are setting up ‘shop’ outside of our online store. We are pretty exhausted, I mean, excited! 😉 At The Fair, we will be selling finished products instead of fabrics by metre instead.

Hence, it has been 2 weeks of non-stop sewing, or rather, whenever we can find pockets of time. I’ve never sewn this much in my life before and I must say, it is really a back-breaking business. Goood thing I wasn’t turned off but rather had fun planning the products, choosing the fabrics from GOOOD Fabrics, cutting them up, tacking the pieces, sewing and finally seeing the finished product. Ahhh… all proudly handmade!

Just today, I found myself walking around the apartment with the sewing tape measure around my neck the whole time. It is becoming part of my getup?! ;P

I will post more details of the event in the next day or two.

I found my mom's reading glass atop her unfinished sewing 🙂

Having a bit of fun with the elastic cords amidst the sewing madness!

Glimpse of some finished products.

Yay! All ready to be packaged.

They are turning out quite well... I love these.

Yup, printed cards that double up as namecard and the product label.

Printing and cutting...

Taking care of the POS material too.

I took a short break from sewing, after dinner, to bake some chewy cashew raisin cookies for my dear, dear pal, Jenny. We had these in our recent trip to Bali and I promised her I will make some for her. Hope she likes them...

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: