It was our day out at ‘The Fair’ (Goodwood park Hotel) on the 9th and 10th Nov last week. It was two days of setting up, selling, meeting people, chatting, making new friends, more chatting, and yes… SHOPPING too!

There must be about more than 50 stalls in all. I should have made a count. I shared the stall with two other crafting friends, Choi Yin and Patricia who started ‘SOHLM’.

Choi Yin is an illustrator who made the granny illustrations based on characters she met and spoke with during her travels. The illustrations were then printed onto fabrics in the US and made into granny hand bags. Patricia is a bubbly crafter and a fabric junkie, probably why we cliqued immediately. 😉

My lovely pal, Jenny, came on both days to ‘man’ the stall with me. During quiet times, we’ll be chatting away, going to neighbouring stalls to chat more, and then walking around and shopping away! We also had friends and family visiting… thanks to all who dropped by!

I truly enjoyed myself especially those times when I get to meet like-minded people and how we just ‘connected’ immediately. We already talked about getting together for the next fair. 🙂

And thanks to all who dropped by at the stall!

Here are some snapshots of the two days:

Our new name card designed specially for The Fair!

Collage 1

1: ChoiYin and Pat setting up
2: Pretty pretty granny bags
3: Foxy cuteness by our Shanghainese designer friend
4: Crafts made with fabrics from GOOOD Fabrics

Collage 2

5: My ‘FAIR’ partners
6: A glimpse of the stalls
7: iPad protector by GOOOD Fabrics
8: That’s me!