It all started with this silk screen printing class I went, where I designed and hand printed some bunny fabrics. Since then, I’ve been wanting to make something out of it but I wasn’t exactly inspired to.

I had a trip recently and took a red-eye flight. I was so ill-prepared because my Flying Survival Kit was all over the place. I was complaining to a friend and he threw me a “Just put them all into a bag!” look. So that’s how I got inspired this weekend. I love the rollup tool bag look, which can be seen in makeup pouches as well. I decided to then use that style for my kit.

This is really simple to make. I decided to make two, one for a friend, yes lucky friend isn’t it?! ;P

The fabric I printed on was an organic medium-weight cotton fabric. It was perfect for making a small pouch. It took about 30minutes for the sewing, and trust me, I was taking my time, enjoying every sewing moment.

I’m especially proud of this piece… there is something satisfying about designing the motifs, to transferring it onto the fabric, to planning the pouch for a purpose, to making it myself for me, and in this case for my friend too. What a way to spend a Sunday morning…

Material needed for the pouch

Fray stop!

Closeup view

I used zig-zag stitching detail across the top, to add some interest.

Closeup view of how I attach the leather cord to the pouch

Flat out, opened view

I made two!

Loading... Loaded. Now I'm all set to fly...

Some simple instructions to help you along