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I received an email from a recent customer with a picture showing how she has used the fabrics she bought from GOOOD Fabrics.

It brought a big smile on my face! Sooooo pretty and what a great way to add colours and life to an otherwise plain-looking piece of furniture at home.



Time to sew… but what?! Given the crazy weather in Singapore now, swinging from hot humid to wet humid… I’ve been thinking perhaps a sleeveless top would be ideal. So I spent some time looking for some inspirations.

I searched “Sewing a vintage tank top” and found these. This shall be my sewing project when I next find time!

{1} Green lines with pink pocket (Love the solid coloured pocket and button strip against a stripey fabric!)
Yellow Dyed (The simplicity of this piece caught me.)
Mens tank (The solid pocket on the tank is cool. This is a men’s tank top though.)
Pink stripes (Good play of lines.)
2-pocket look (I like the 2-pocket look too. This is one of my fav.)

Cheep cheep little bird

Cheep cheep little bird
You are upset I have heard
Is that because you can’t fly?
Is not hard, you have to try

Don’t just wonder in your nest
Be brave and try your best
Flap your wings fast in the air
The wind will help you to make it fair

Cheep cheep little bird
You are happy I have heard
You can fly and sing so loud
You made yourself really proud

– Marinela Reka

all about birds

{1} Lampshade (What a beautiful lampshade! I think my next fever series will be on lampshades.)
{2} Stuffed birds (Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!)
{3} Brooch (I have to include a brooch, my all-time fav accessory)
{4} Apron (The vintage style apron using a bird fabric is adorable.)
{5} Lunch Bag (I want one, but bigger please!)
{6} Bird Wall Decal (I might just be happier doing the dishes if I can look at this pretty decal.)

It’s the Year of the Rabbit! And this is for all those born in the year of the rabbit and those who just simply love ’em. They are so adorable, how can you resist them?!

I made a search and found so many stuffed rabbits. Here are some, in their own unique style… Maybe you’ll be inspired to make one yourself? 😉

Stuffed rabbit toys

{1} Round round bunny (one of my fav)
{2} French rabbit (so lady-like…)
{3}  Long-eared rabbit
{4} Checked rabbit (Don’t forget the tail detail)
{5} Long-limbed buns (Quirky!)
{5} Grey rabbit (I don’t know why, but I am really drawn to this one. It’s so full of life, like it’s really looking at me.)

I’m looking for creative inspiration on what I can do with my fabric remnants. Since I did the owl the last time, I’ve been itching to explore something else. Typically, stuffed toys are rather colourful. So for me, the more muted black & white ones are starting to stand out. These caught my eyes… hope they inspire you too.

black & white stuffed toys

{1} MIAU (This just reminded me of my cat, Chaco. Now that I’m in Sydney, I miss him more! *Sniff*)
{2} Pony (The button and lace adds a different detail to a stuffed toy)
{3} Doll (Unique!)
{4} Cat (So adorable…)
{5} Reindeer (So japanese-looking!)
{6} Elephant (The combi fabric on the ears makes it so endearing!)


Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to express your love and to show how much you care. It is not just for lovers but for family members and best pals too… So besides buying a gift or an exquisite dinner… consider a handmade gift that will warm any heart. Here are some valentine-inspired crafts and treats I gathered. As I put them together, my mind was imaging how I can use fabrics in place of paper or other material in place of fabrics.

Be creative and shower your valentine with lotsa hearts…

{1} Valentine’s Cookies (I love how they convert an otherwise unromantic archetype of a Fortune Cookie to a romantic one. Make many and insert them with a different love message.). I’d like to see one made with patterned fabric!
{2}  All you need is love (Made with heart-shaped fabric. I think this is such a heart-warming valentine gift.)
{3} Hug me (Pillow with a love message – this one has a tutorial! Click on link.)
{4} iPad cover (I really like the modern hearts design)
{5) Puffed heart (a wall art piece – a display of love)
{6} More cookies (These are too pretty to be consumed! – Step-by-step guide for those who want to bake cookies for your valentine)
{7} Fluttering hearts (Say it with love… maybe it’s a love confession? ;>)
{8} Love Garland (I like the use of different fabrics here. Try it with paper or other material. This link comes with a tutorial but not in English so you may have to guess a bit.)

Typography is beautiful, each typeface carries a personality and tells its own story. I never get tired of classic typefaces, and what better way to integrate them into part of your living. Here are what I thought are some great applications of typography into our living. Enjoy…

{1} Cushions {2} Stuffed stones and elephant (I really adore these and how they look together in the box) {3} Type cloths (I want some!) {4} Type on armchair *drool* {5} Type furniture {6} Rattan chair (oh-so-unique…) {7} Tea towels

Moustaches are the rage. They are listed as trendy symbols in 2011! I find them pretty charming myself. Make them as the item itself or as an add-on to an existing item. Be creative!

I must say I didn’t find too many great inspirations around. Perhaps it’s time to make some?


{1} Moustache Pin {2} Cross stitch {3} Pillows! (lurve the chairs too!) {4} Stuffed toy {5} Necklaces (these are hot)

There’s something mysteriously attractive about owls. I won’t say they are beautiful in a typical sense. But I’m intrigued visually by all these beautiful creations of them. And I have decided on my next sewing project too… Stuffed owls. Now just how many do you think I will make? Take a guess… 😉

Fever Series: Owlicious

{1} Stuffed Owls {2} More Stuffed Owls {3} Aviator Owl {4} Lampshade {5} Owl Book Ends {6} Waterproof Wet Bag
{7} Gift Tags {8} Wall Decal {9} Garland/Pendant {10} More Wall Decal

I’ve recently had a bicycle fever. It’s not over yet. I can’t seem to get my mind off vintage bicycle. I started looking for all things bicycle to see how I can apply them to crafts or sewing ideas. Here are some I came across that grabbed my attention.

bicycle crafts

{1} Fabric basket {2} Vintage bicycle necklace {3} Bicycle baby fabric block {4} Vintage bicycle fridge magnets

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: