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Hi peeps! With the sample I made two weeks ago, I realised that I simply could not use the fabric pen as the lines were not clean and it made the toy looks really raw and unfinished. So I decided to make a screen print of the design instead.

It was an inaugural screen printing session in my studio and I was looking forward to it all week! 🙂 So yesterday, I spent an afternoon printing and getting the fabric ready for our ‘Sew for GOOOD’ session the 29 June, Sat.

I forgot my clamps so I was a lil’ apprehensive since I had to do it alone but it all turned out fine. I am really happy with the results and here are some of the pics I took of the process.

Our next session will be held at Campers Corner at 56 Waterloo Street on the 29th June, 2-5pm. Do join us! And if you can, drop me a note at our FB page.

Spreading the ink on top.

Spreading the ink on top.

Screen getting all dirty with the black ink already...

Screen getting all dirty with the black ink already…

Printing's all done... yay!

Printing’s all done… yay!

Heat setting the prints.

Heat setting the prints.

:) Done! For those who are joining us, we'll cut them out for sewing for the upcoming session.

🙂 Done! For those who are joining us, we’ll cut them out for sewing for the upcoming session.


Our 2nd ‘Sew for GOOOD’ session has been fixed on the 29th June, Sat, 2-5pm. The venue has yet to be finalized  I will update everyone again via our FB. I’ve been thinking about what we can do for the coming session… An unfortunate diagnosis of breast cancer was made of my bestie few months ago, and we have been learning about the illness and coping with it. Besides lending her support and spending some time with her whenever I can, I was wondering how else I can help.

I contacted Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) Singapore weeks back to let them know about ‘Sew for GOOOD’ sessions and if we can sew to raise fund for them. They turned out to be one of the most open people I have spoke with and hence our next session would be to raise fund for BCF. In fact, I would like to commit the rest of 2013 ‘Sew for GOOOD’ sessions to raise fund for BCF.

GOOOD Pet Collars will be setting up a booth with the Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition / Purrzaar in the first three Saturdays of Aug 2013, that can be our channel to sell these stuff toy/pillow. Otherwise we will hand our handmade gooodies to BCF as they are holding their own bazaar in October this year to raise fund too. I’ll keep you guys posted here or on our FB page.

Sticking to our usual animal theme, we will be making stuffed toy/pillow which is slightly bigger than what we had made before and they can be used as pet pillows too. I started with a sketch and transferred the image onto our fabric with a fabric marker. I will likely make a silkscreen print out of it eventually, so you won’t be sketching, in case you are nervous about that! There will be a total of 4 different versions of this cat eventually, WIP still…

As usual, there’s no need to bring anything unless you have your own personal sewing kit you wanna bring along. These projects are designed with simple hand sewing in mind so do not worry if you are worried about not being able to sew too well. There are a few regulars here whom you can always ask. Our sessions are super casual and really, there’s no pressure to sew well at all!

Oh… Do bring a friend or family member if you want. All are welcome! The more we sew the more we can help raise fund for BCF to raise awareness and many other ways that they help the community. You can read more about their non-profit efforts on their website. I visited their office and am very impressed by the energy and work they have done.

PS: All material are sponsored by GOOOD Fabrics.

Sketch for stuff toy to raise fund for BCF.

It all started with a sketch…

Cut out the general shape on a fabric.

Cut out the general shape on a fabric.

Using a fabric pen...

Using a fabric pen…

Sew about 0.5cm from the fabric edge and flip it over, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

Sew about 0.5cm from the fabric edge and flip it over, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

Filling the toy with stuffing.

Filling the toy with stuffing.

Time to close the hole up.

Time to close the hole up.

Almost done...

Almost done…

Breast Cancer Foundation Edition, with a hot pink ribbon :)

Breast Cancer Foundation Edition, with a hot pink ribbon 🙂

Yay… I finally found time to prep the packaging for the key chain! After all the key chains were done weeks ago…

All ready to meet Cat Socrates at Bras Basah to see if they are keen to stock some ‘Chaco’ at their shop. Somehow I feel really relieved that this is finally done. Now I have to find time to visit them at the shop. 😐

Printed on 220gsm ivory card

All packed - Front

All packed - Back

I love brooches! I have a collection of handmade felt ones, handmade fabric ones, vintage ones, acrylic ones, all kinds of them. I’ve always wanted to try to make one but wanted to create something that means alot to me. Something I will hold dear.

Chaco, my big black cat, came into my life 6 years ago. He has since taken over the couch, the bed, my pillow, to name a few. He is also an inspiration in my very first brooch project. You can read more about Chaco here.

After I was done with the first one, I posted the picture on FB and quite a number of my friends ask where they could buy one. So I decided to refine the design a little and here’s how it went. I must say that the smaller the stuffed toy, the harder it is to make. So do take note of that when you are sewing your own. I started with machine sewing one, thinking it’ll be alot faster. But the size made the sewing very difficult and in the end, hand-sewing produced the best result.

You can purchase *Chaco* brooch and keychain at Goood Fabrics website.

Stuffed cat brooch

Cutting the template and hand-sewing a bunch of them

Stuffed cat brooch

Flipping them over

Stuffed cat keychain

All stuffed up!

Chaco, the big black cat

I was sewing intently and suddenly found Chaco sitting in the chair next to me.

Felt faces

Preparing the felt pieces for his face.

Illustration on packaging

Illustration on packaging - Chaco's HDB dwelling

All printed and ready for cutting into size

Pin sewn onto back of *Chaco* to be pin onto the packaging.

Final packaging. Yay!

black cat, chaco

Meow... I'm Chaco.

Hello everyone!
My name is Chaco.
I was catnapped by a strange,
tall being who walked on two legs,
some six years ago.
I’ve lost track of the time since.
She put me in a plastic box
and brought me to another cold place.
They cleaned my wound, I think.
And put something hard around my neck.
What was that?!
I can’t even groom myself!
Are they trying to stop me from biting things?
But I don’t bite.
They should see what I can do with my nails instead.
This was how I began my life together with 3 more tall beings
besides the one who took me away.

Yes, I am busy preparing some brooches to be launched.Hopefully all done by this weekend… Here’s a pic in the meantime, of the fun I’m having!

Illustrating the packaging graphics

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: