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Patricia BravoI was truly captivated the first time I come across her fabric designs. There’s something feminine, chic and modern about her designs. I immediately wanted to stock her fabrics in Goood Fabrics. I was more than ecstatic when her fabric stock arrived. The designs were breathtaking and the light premium cotton was so comfortable to the feel. I was so inspired by them and my first lampshade project was made with her fabric.

Patricia Bravo. A woman with a strong passion for all things beautiful, finds inspiration in everything she sees, touches, feels. All I know about Patricia I read online, I wanted to introduce Patricia to audiences farther than where she’s from. I wanted all fabric lovers to know more about her and what she do. Coming from a small island in the world, I was a tad apprehensive about her response to my request to interview her online. All she took was a day to reply me with such enthusiasm that I was pleasantly surprised!

Here’s our little chat online… I hope it opens up a window of inspiration to you, and that you will appreciate the thoughts and efforts she pours into her work, if and when you bring home a fabric piece of Patricia Bravo.


GOOOD :: What would you tell your customers in Asia about yourself and your work?
Pat :: I am a passionate sewer that has learned to be a passionate quilter. I also like to find beauty in everything that surrounds me and pour it into each of my designs.

GOOOD :: How would you describe the person who chooses Patricia Bravo’s textiles?
Pat :: People that choose my fabrics come in so many different shapes and sizes! But there’s one element that’s common to all of them; the passion for creating something beautiful and personal, something that they poured all their love and dedication into. And that’s what I appreciate the most, no matter where you come from, your level of experience, or your lifestyle, as long as you have that little spark that makes you want to create, I made my fabrics for you.

GOOOD :: What inspires or drives you to continue doing what you do today?
Pat :: You! Each and every single fabric and craft lover out there makes me want to keep on doing this. To be honest, it’s a lot of work, but every time I get a compliment on a collection, or someone sends me a picture with the awesome things they made using one of my prints, I can’t help but smile and keep on doing this knowing that is what makes me and others so happy.

GOOOD :: What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you do now?
Pat :: Well… I really miss those days when I had time to take care of the home like it was a temple (I even did the gardening!). I also love doing all sorts of crafts; if only I had time to start knitting again!

GOOOD :: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you wish more people could know?
Pat ::  Not a lot of people know that I’m actually a history freak. Like, seriously. If you look through my library and movie collections I bet you can cover the history of the whole entire world since day 1, haha! Also, very few people know I took a cooking course on cake decorating, pastries, icing, and sugar flowers. You name it, I did it!

GOOOD :: How would you explain a good texile design to a layman?

Pat :: I believe a good textile design should be harmonious in both color and print; should take the eye for a smooth, pleasant stroll around it. It also has to suck you in and make you want to keep looking at it, like a good painting; should make you want to explore and absorb every hue, every line, every detail. And of course a good color choice is crucial; the eye is always stimulated by color more than any other element of design (it’s what I like to call “the color shock”), that’s why it is so important. We all react differently to color, but I believe no matter what memories it brings back or what place it takes you to, a good design should always make you feel GOOD.

GOOOD :: What is the one advise you would give to someone who wants to decorate their home with fabrics?
Pat :: Focus on color! Color can tell a story and generate emotions like no other thing in your home. It can also tell a lot about yourself and your personality. Dare to be bold and don’t be afraid of bright colors! Your home should reflect who you are. It should make you feel at ease and make you want to spend time in it.

GOOOD :: It’s clear that I love fabrics. What is your latest “love”?
Pat :: My IPAD! : )

5 speed questions:
1. Morning or night: Night
2. Cat or dog: Dog
3. Winter or summer: Summer
4. Milk or dark chocolate: mmmm… can I say both?
5. Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp: Brad Pitt! …Sorry Johnny, hope I didn’t break your heart ; )

GOOOD :: Anything else you want to say to the fabric lovers in Singapore and the rest of Asia?
Pat :: Thank you so much for choosing my fabrics which I have designed with so much love! Hope I can continue to inspire you and light up that creative spark!

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: