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I first want to shout out a BBBIIIIIGGGG THANK YOU to everyone who, despite the haze, generously turned up to spend their precious Saturday afternoon to help us with the sewing!!! We had nine new ‘sew-ers’ (for lack of better word!) joined us… WELCOME! Two of them arrived earlier than I! *paiseh* Thanks for the enthusiasm… So altogether, we had 16 keen and kind ‘sew-ers’. It is our biggest turnout so far! I also want to thank those who swung by to show their support… It was very encouraging to see so many new faces and the regular ones who never fail to come whenever we have a ‘Sew for GOOOD’ session. I wish I can thank all of you more…

We gathered at a friend’s shop like the last time. Calvin, the ‘lao ban’ of Campers Corner (51 Waterloo Street), has always given us great support by providing a space to sew. Every single time I ask him, he only say yes… When I told him there may be 13 turning up and in the end 16 did, he somehow found a way to fit us in. What can I say…? *GRATEFUL*

I’m not sure about the rest but yes, it’s already been three months since our last Sew for GOOOD session. My my… where has the time gone?? :O

From our previous sessions, we have never sewn more than 35 pieces of ‘GOOODies’, so this time I prepped 40 pieces thinking we would have a surplus. Our session started from 2pm and at around 4.30pm, we  finished all our sewing! We must be blessed by some sewing fairy 🙂 My boo boo was I didn’t bring enough stuffing! But still, the ladies sewn all the pieces and I just need to buy more stuffing and closed them all up. I think we were all pretty impressed with ourselves. Hehe…

At the end of the day, I always end up feeling abit warm and fuzzy inside. Seeing friends and strangers-to-friends turning up to use our hands to make things for good cause. Watching them fervently and intently sewing away and at the same time, exchanging conversations and laughter, makes me feel that I can keep on doing this 🙂

To all of you who turned up: Once again, my deepest thank you… and I also want to apologize if I didn’t get to spend enough time chatting with everyone of you. I was hoping to catch up with some of you more and know some of you better. It was a great afternoon for me. I hope you all had fun too. Our next session will be in September. Do join us again if you can!

For those who are curious about what we did, here are some details:
1. We got together and sewed the afternoon away yesterday to make stuffed toy (Chaco & Friends in spectacle frames) to raise fund for BCF on behalf of my bestie who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer.
2. 100% of the sales will go straight to BCF.

These toys will be on sale for $13 each during the Purrzaar held over three Saturdays in Aug (3, 10, 17) at the Arts House.

PS: All materials and fabrics are kindly sponsored by GOOOD Fabrics.


1| The sewing gang… Some missing from pic
2| Silkscreen printed fabrics for our stuff toys


3| You can tell real work has started when the work table is messy 🙂
4, 5, 6| All hard at work


7| Panoramic view of the group
8| All lovingly handmade!
9| You should be able to find this resident at Campers Corner


Here’s a list of sewing lessons available in Singapore, found online and also from Straits Times. Have fun!

PS: by no means am I related or collaborating with any of the following schools or institutions. And no, I am not getting any kickbacks. 😉

Ang Mo Kio CC dressmaking class
Madam Lim Gim Foo will pass on skills from taking measurements to drafting, crafting and machine and hand sewing techniques.
Where Ang Mo Kio CC, 759 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
When Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7-10pm. The next cycle is scheduled to begin mid July.
Sessions 8 lessons from $80
Info Ang Mo Kio CC at 6452 9644 or 6456 6536 or

Alisha Fashion and Dressmaking School (Edited info on 3 pr 2014)
A pair of sisters teaches students to make household items like curtains, and apparel.
Where 7 Dalhousie Lane
When They provide 2-hour private lessons. Open 10am -6pm (Tue, Thu and Sat)
Sessions 50 lessons from $1500
Info Call 6334 7080 or

AStitchWorks Concepts
From contemporary corset dressmaking to sewing curtains, quilts and socks.
Where 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08
When They provide 2-hour private lessons. AStitchConcepts are open 11am -6pm (Tue to Fri), 11am-9pm (Wed) and 11am-6.30pm (Sat and Sun)
Sessions 12 lessons from $550
Info Call 9185 7267 or

Née Soon South CC dressmaking class
Similar to what is taught at Ang Mo Kio CC
Where Née Soon South CC, 30 Yishun Street 81
When 2-5pm (Sat). The next cycle is scheduled to begin 29 June.
Sessions 10 lessons for $60 (Passion card members), $70 (non-members)
Info Call 6753 3121 or or

Pattern making and sewing course
One-month sewing course that helps students to learn different garment making techniques and skills, and must sew their own skirt by end of course.
Where Raffles College of Higher education, 51 Merchant Road
When Twice a week (Tues and Thurs), 7-10pm. Next class starts on 16 Jul to 15 Aug
Sessions $802.50 (GST included)
Info Call 6338 5288 or

Treasure Art World (Newly added on 3 Apr 2014)
1. Learning how to use Sewing Machine
2. Learning how to handle diffferent fabric
3. Cutting Fabric and how to do it
4. Sewing Tools
5. Sewing techniques
6. Measurements
7. Pattern Making
8. Steps in sewing your dress

Jokamamo Textiles (Newly added on 3 Apr 2014)
Kids Sewing Classes

“Aiyah… Why handmade? It takes so much time and if you can get them made in China for $5, why?”

My friend said this to me the other day and my response was “Well, why not?!”

There is something about getting my hands ‘dirty’ that I like. Be it sewing or cooking or working on a table, there is something deeply satisfying and therapeutic in that process.

As opposed to buying a mass produced tote bag, made by a low waged worker in some darkish, badly maintained factory in an industrial estate somewhere in China, I find much more fulfillment when I can design and use my hands to bring a sketch to a reality that I can use. Yes it will take 3 hrs of my life but really, I find that I learn so much more. It’s about creativity, problem solving, analytical and ultimately honing my skills.

Not only do I find much self gratification in ‘handmade’ but when my friends receive a handmade gift from me, I can almost always expect a surprised gasp then a quiet appreciative look of ‘I’m so touched!’ on their faces and a shower of “thank yous” is bound to follow. That, money cannot buy…!

There is also another growing trend in sewing; groups out there are monetizing the trade. A recent article on Straits Times Urban featured a lady who started sewing lessons and she quit her full time job and went into designing and making clothes for kids. There are also many products online where good quality handmade products are offered. Sewing is not just for grandma anymore, it has set people off on new career paths!

But alas, sewing do require a certain level of skills and may seem just a tad daunting. I am going to list a few venues (in my next post) that offer sewing lessons, so that should help some of you kickstart that sewing journey. Be it sewing for yourself or for your little boy/girl or for that special someone in your life, some basic sewing skills will definitely help you get past that initial hurdle of even wanting to try.

Welcome to the world of ‘handmade’. Welcome to sewing.

I wanted one of those French doorbells; vintagey, cute, old. But I ran out of luck bagging one when my contractor said he needs to install it that day. I settled for a good plain one from Home Fix so I can at least add my own touch.

A sweet colleague gave me a rabbit head pencil just for fun and I thought it’ll be a great idea to stick it on my doorbell when I’m done with the pencil.

I added a scarf to this fella and here it is… Like it?!

*holding my breath* I hope no one nicks it… 😐


Some things made my heart jump just a little… This does it.

After years of using mom’s shears, I finally bought a pair for myself. I got them at the Textile Centre along Jalan Sultan. I tested it on a fabric whilst there, it’s akin to a silky tofu cut. Kekeke

It’s inspiring me to start sewing! 🙂


I received an email from a recent customer with a picture showing how she has used the fabrics she bought from GOOOD Fabrics.

It brought a big smile on my face! Sooooo pretty and what a great way to add colours and life to an otherwise plain-looking piece of furniture at home.


There’s always something about Amy Butler’s fabric design that will melt any fabric, pattern, colour, design-lover. With this collection, I was blown away by the richness and aesthetic flow of this collection.

As Amy Butler puts it herself…

“The spirit of this collection is inspired by one of my favorite style icons, Maxime de la Falaise. Maxime was chic and eccentric, coming from a bohemian family of artists whose unapologetic passion for art and creativity surely shaped her vision for her life. Lark is filled with my fanciful imaginings of what would have been the makings of her artistic world through her love of fashion, print, travel and exotic friendships. Her playful vision combined all of her favorite collections creating an atmosphere of warmth and spontaneity with just the right amount of modern glamour.

Lark’s print combinations have a rich, souvenir feel, lovingly gathered from a life of vivid experience. Glowing colors and velvety combinations of stylized florals are the foundation for perennially chic sewing projects. It’s been a total joy creating this collection and I hope Lark inspires you to bring out your inner design maven!”

We launched three new fabrics from this collection today. Have fun…



I haven’t blogged for the longest time. And yes I’m back! 🙂

With the festivities now almost all behind us, I had way too much to eat, drink and be merry. All good, time to exercise now…

I didn’t get to do much crafting or sewing for the past months but I plan to do more from now! Before that, I bought a couple of bunnies at this 2nd hand shop near home. They were adorable but I wanted to ‘modernize’ them so I painted them. I tried spraying painting first but it won’t get into the nooks and crannies of the figurines. So I bought a can of matte white paint which made them look porcelain. I didn’t expect it but I like how they turned out.

Now what do I do with them? 😉

In its original colour

Halfway done

Another view

Bottom half painted white

Dripping with white paint

Aren't they adorable?!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,000 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

In anticipation of the upcoming festive hols… GOOOD Fabrics is rewarding all with an extra 10% discount. For members, you will enjoy a 10% discount and then another 5% members’ discount on top of that. Isn’t it time to feel a little jolly?! Hohohooo…

Oh do tell your friends and family about the discount too… All goood things need to be shared.
Note that discount only applies to items available online and on sewing services.
Holly cheers!
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Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: