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I’ve always wanted to make fabric wall art since my friend told me about it years ago. I finally bought the necessary equipment late last year but they have been sitting around, not used since. Finally I had the opportunity to make some because they were required for a photoshoot.

I had alot of fun making them. I am now planning to offer custom-made fabric wall art services at GOOOD Fabrics. So the idea is… 1. PICK A FABRIC… 2. PICK A WALL ART SIZE. I make them and they get delivered to you! Logistics are being sorted out, but do feel free to drop me an email to find out more.

Anyway, here’s what I did two weekends ago. I worked on 3 pieces of 15inches square canvases. By the way, I kept the canvas on the frame so that the fabric pattern and colours will appear bright and vivid against a white background, unless of course, you are using a dark fabric then I’d suggest you remove the canvas material, so you don’t get white bits showing through your dark fabric.

Difficulty level: 3 out of 5

1. Trim your fabric to size (I left about 2-3inches, depending on the thickness of the frame). I chose to use a 1.5inch thickness frame so it looks more sturdy. Make sure you pressed your fabric before doing this. You do not want any unsightly creases on your eventual frame… that’ll be such an eyesore! I used paper weights to keep the frame in place.

Laying the canvas over the fabric

2. Start pulling from the center of 2 ends. Note that you do not pull them so tight that they start to distort. Give it the right pressure so the fabric is nice and taut but not stretched. Staple one side first, followed by the opposite center side. Repeat this for the other 2 ends.

Start to staple the fabric from the center.

3. I then worked on the corners. Note that this is a new piece of fabric. I got too intent on the earlier fabric that I forgot to take pictures! Try to fold the corners neatly. Repeat for all 4 corners. You can also practice by gift-wrapping boxes first.

Closeup of the corners

4. Viola! Fabrics are like art pieces to me. Each pattern and colour chosen is no coincidence but well-thought out designs by the designers. Don’t they make lovely alternatives to paintings?! Smiles!

Finished series of 3 fabric wall art pieces!


I simply LURVE Ink & Spindle fabric designs…  They are simple and elegant. The colours are soothing and what is best, they are also hand screen printed on organic cotton. By buying organic cotton, you are buying a product that’s socially and ecologically responsible. You can read more about organic cotton.

Anita bought the Ink & Spindle Birch Forest in Robin Egg and Acacia in Persimmon about a month ago. I knew she was gonna make wall art with them but when I saw these images sent to me 2 days ago, I was stunned. I immediately asked Anita if I could share them on my blog and she said yes! So here’s something to inspire all of us… 🙂

Fabrics are so beautiful with heaps of creativity poured into them that they are like fine art pieces. So what an apt way to display them at home or at work like pieces of art, to excite, inspire, delight and as Anita puts it… bring “peace”.

Thanks Anita!

Fabric Wall Art 1 (Ink & Spindle Acacia in Persimmon)

Fabric Wall Art 2 (Ink & Spindle Birch Forest in Robin Egg)

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