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I owe a 1.5 year old girl a skirt for weeks. Told her papa I’ll make her a skirt at least a month ago… In my defense… or rather an excuse… It took me some time to find a 3/4in elastic band. Finally found it this week… then I realized I needed a overlocking sewing machine because I’ve been using mom’s and have been dying to get one of my own, which I finally did! That acquisition deserves a blog entry on it’s own cos I simply love that machine and must tell you all about it! ;P

Coming back to the skirt… As it is my first attempt at skirt making, I had to make sure it is ‘Level 1’ enough for me. Googled around and found Oliver + S ‘Lazy Days Skirt’ for girls. It was perfect! Oh so easy… and oh soooooo cute! So for all you peeps who want to make a skirt for your lil’ girl, try this. You can download the instructions here. The only thing I wish the instructions had was giving some guide on the sizing. For e.g. the girl I sewn for had a waistline of 20in. I had to kinda guessed the length and the width of the entire skirt so that it won’t impede her walking/running. *fingers crossed!* On hindsight, I would have given the skirt more width, because in this case, more is better than less.

I chose Michael Miller Forest Life Retro, cos the colours are so vivid and happy, and the fabric pattern so pretty. I thought she is gonna look so cute in it! Oh I also added a small pocket to the skirt, for a bit of design detail. I think you can be creative about this and add either iron-on motifs or sew a little flower or any other of her favourite embellishments or cartoon character to the skirt… oh, as I am typing this… I thought a small stuffed bear would look quite cute on the skirt. Hmm…

Time taken: 2 hours (pretty decent timing ain’t it?!)







Our latest collection of fabrics by Michael Miller.  The Forest Life in Retro colours is perfect for making any crafty projects like a fabric wall art, cushion covers, makeup pouch, etc. I’m tempted to make a tote bag out of this myself. Hmm… maybe I would.


















I was really looking forward to this weekend which is almost over now. I had a sewing project in mind and yes, stuffed owl. The word in Japanese for owl is fukuro, and it contains the word fuku, luck. So the owl is a symbol for luck. These are great gifts you can give your friends for luck. And they look so adorable anyway. You can use them as pin cushions too.

I used the template from this website. However, I found myself tweaking the template just a tad bit to get a look I want. I like fat owls. 😀 Also I used different fabrics so I must apologise first for the different fabrics you see in the pictures.

I initially planned to make 10 owls but I tweaked the design after the first one so I ended up with 9. I don’t know what to do with them yet. But my sis already said she wanted one. 🙂

Btw this is real fun exercise. Difficulty level is about 1 to 2 out of 5. So if you don’t have much sewing experience, do not fret. This is easy enough! Another tip; I was being ambitious when I found a stack of fabric squares at home but cutting 10 sets of owl templates actually took 3 hours! So, maybe it’s more manageable to cut just 2 or 3 sets. Have fun…

Cut the fabric according to template

Cut fabric. You also need to cut a round cardboard for the bottom.

Here I would suggest sewing the ends 2 or 3 times over to secure the joint. I didn't from the picture here so when I turned the sewn piece inside out, the stitches came loose.


Sew the last but which makes the head portion

Sewn piece is turned inside out

Sewing the beak

Stuffing the body

Closing the body

Making the base. I used craft glue instead of light fusible web.

Sew the cardboard base to the bottom of the stuffed owl

Family of 9 owls!




There’s something mysteriously attractive about owls. I won’t say they are beautiful in a typical sense. But I’m intrigued visually by all these beautiful creations of them. And I have decided on my next sewing project too… Stuffed owls. Now just how many do you think I will make? Take a guess… 😉

Fever Series: Owlicious

{1} Stuffed Owls {2} More Stuffed Owls {3} Aviator Owl {4} Lampshade {5} Owl Book Ends {6} Waterproof Wet Bag
{7} Gift Tags {8} Wall Decal {9} Garland/Pendant {10} More Wall Decal

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: