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Our 2nd ‘Sew for GOOOD’ session has been fixed on the 29th June, Sat, 2-5pm. The venue has yet to be finalized  I will update everyone again via our FB. I’ve been thinking about what we can do for the coming session… An unfortunate diagnosis of breast cancer was made of my bestie few months ago, and we have been learning about the illness and coping with it. Besides lending her support and spending some time with her whenever I can, I was wondering how else I can help.

I contacted Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) Singapore weeks back to let them know about ‘Sew for GOOOD’ sessions and if we can sew to raise fund for them. They turned out to be one of the most open people I have spoke with and hence our next session would be to raise fund for BCF. In fact, I would like to commit the rest of 2013 ‘Sew for GOOOD’ sessions to raise fund for BCF.

GOOOD Pet Collars will be setting up a booth with the Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition / Purrzaar in the first three Saturdays of Aug 2013, that can be our channel to sell these stuff toy/pillow. Otherwise we will hand our handmade gooodies to BCF as they are holding their own bazaar in October this year to raise fund too. I’ll keep you guys posted here or on our FB page.

Sticking to our usual animal theme, we will be making stuffed toy/pillow which is slightly bigger than what we had made before and they can be used as pet pillows too. I started with a sketch and transferred the image onto our fabric with a fabric marker. I will likely make a silkscreen print out of it eventually, so you won’t be sketching, in case you are nervous about that! There will be a total of 4 different versions of this cat eventually, WIP still…

As usual, there’s no need to bring anything unless you have your own personal sewing kit you wanna bring along. These projects are designed with simple hand sewing in mind so do not worry if you are worried about not being able to sew too well. There are a few regulars here whom you can always ask. Our sessions are super casual and really, there’s no pressure to sew well at all!

Oh… Do bring a friend or family member if you want. All are welcome! The more we sew the more we can help raise fund for BCF to raise awareness and many other ways that they help the community. You can read more about their non-profit efforts on their website. I visited their office and am very impressed by the energy and work they have done.

PS: All material are sponsored by GOOOD Fabrics.

Sketch for stuff toy to raise fund for BCF.

It all started with a sketch…

Cut out the general shape on a fabric.

Cut out the general shape on a fabric.

Using a fabric pen...

Using a fabric pen…

Sew about 0.5cm from the fabric edge and flip it over, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

Sew about 0.5cm from the fabric edge and flip it over, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

Filling the toy with stuffing.

Filling the toy with stuffing.

Time to close the hole up.

Time to close the hole up.

Almost done...

Almost done…

Breast Cancer Foundation Edition, with a hot pink ribbon :)

Breast Cancer Foundation Edition, with a hot pink ribbon 🙂


I’m ashamed… it’s been months since my last blog and one of the main reasons is because I have been busy with moving. Now that I got my own pad, it’s been weeks of organizing, packing, unpacking, and way too much cleaning for my liking, I can finally settle down a little to focus on decorating and adding some personal touches. I’m not in a hurry from this point on, I believe in planning the space when I live in it. So over the next weeks and months, I will blog more about my decorating journey.

One of my main areas of focus is the living room. With my small space, I hunted high and low for the ‘perfect’ couch. For the longest time, the smallest couch I could find on the market is still too big. So I was gonna place my order at Ikea until I decided to drop by Franc Franc just to see if there was anything appropriate as my final attempt. There it was… the perfect couch! With a width of 1600mm, it was a perfect fit. My joy was indescribable. This may sound a tad too dramatic but if you were to be as concerned as I am about space, then you will know exactly what I mean.

With the couch in place, it looks a bit cold as is. So I embarked on shopping for a throw, a simple rug and some cushions to make the couch look inviting. I also picked 16x16in cushions on purpose because the couch size is not big and 20 inches cushions will overbear the couch visually.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER shots.

You can see how cheap and simple it is to add layers and warmth to the area. Best thing about cushions is that you can always prepare two to three sets, so that when one is in the laundry, the living space can be easily transformed into another feel when you swapped the covers. You can custom-make cushion covers at GOOOD Fabrics.

I am happy with the results of how it looks now. If I get another set of cushion covers, I will post a new photo then.

Hope this helps if you are in the midst of refreshing your living space! Have fun… Go crazy!

Cushions are quickest and inexpensive way to give your living space an instant lift! It is the ‘secret weapon’ or ‘finishing touch’ that interior decorators use to give that finishing touch to a room. Here are 5 simple tips to decorating with cushions that will give your room instant style and beauty.

blue living room, decorating with cushions

Harmonious matching of living area with good use of cushions to further add on to the entire appearance Image Source

A more luxurious and elegant style would require more throw pillows. This helps add lushness and extreme comfort.
For a more modern, streamlined look, just a few (maybe 3 or 5) will do. Yes do use odd numbers.
A country-styled room would usually have a few pillows on the couch, one perhaps on the arm chair/rocker and a few on the floor.

You may think that any number of cushions should do so long as you fancy. Why should the number be important? Well, using an odd number of the same design or mix up the colours/ designs creates a statement and gives the room an inviting look. A typical number is usually 3 or 5. But more is fine, just remember the golden odd number as a general guide!

Make a measurement from the seating to the top of your couch or sofa. From there you can roughly gauge a good size for your couch. Standard cushion sizes are 16in x 16in. For oversized chair (armchair or rocker), you can consider wider and shorter pillow. If you are thinking of creating a grouping, lay larger pillows in the back and smaller ones in the front. For fabric groupings/matching, you can check out some of them here for some inspiration.

Where to place them? What is a proper way that will look good in photos or when your friends visit? Imagine an invisible line drawn vertically in the middle of your couch, what is on the right should then reflect on the left. For e.g. if you have two pillows on the left, then have another two on the right. Oh and don’t forget one right in the middle because we want to have odd number of pillows.

Image Source

Colours can be used to generate different emotions and associations when decorating a room. When you choose a colour for the cushions, make sure you pull colours that are used in the room as well.

As a general colour guide:
WHITE: Pure, truthful, modern, contemporary, refined, clean
YELLOW: Positive, sunny, warm, happy
ORANGE: Fun, cheerful, warm, exuberant, playful, vibrant
PINK: Feminine, innocent, soft, healthy, calming, secure, sweet
RED: Bold, excited, passionate, strong, vital, sexy, powerful
BLUE: Authoritative, secure, trusting, reliable, mysterious
GREEN: Tranquil, healthy, fresh, nature, cool
BROWN: Utilitarian, earthy, wood, subtly rich, dignified
GREY: Authoritative, practical, corporate, understated
BLACK: Distinctive, bold, classic, sophisticated, strong, elegant, seductive

eilleen kathryn boyd

1) STYLE: Using more cushions to create a lushness feel 2) NUMBER: Using odd numbers 3) SIZE: Grouping the cushions 4) Creating a 'symmetrical' placement 5) Pulling colours from the room Image source

Fun patterns are another attractive way to decorate with cushions. Again, because cushions are small investment, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to fabric. Colorful and dynamic patterned cushions add designer style. If you opt for a particularly complex pattern, make sure that surrounding fabrics are light colored and not too complex.

These cushions would go very well with a neutral, pastel colour palette, but not as matching with a couch that is black, for example. The above fabrics can be bought at Image source

I hope the above tips give you a great start to decorating with cushions! This is a great opportunity to use interesting fabrics. What I love about decorating with cushions is that they are low investment and can always be replaced easily. Remember to use cushion covers with zippers so it can be washed easily or changed to match your emotions or style. Also, try not to use the same fabric on your cushions if you are already using that fabric somewhere else in the same room. It somehow makes the room look unnatural.

On a ‘custom-make’ note: If you love to decorate your room(s) with cushions but don’t know how to sew the cushion covers yourself. You can find custom-make cushion covers services here.

Have fun!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to express your love and to show how much you care. It is not just for lovers but for family members and best pals too… So besides buying a gift or an exquisite dinner… consider a handmade gift that will warm any heart. Here are some valentine-inspired crafts and treats I gathered. As I put them together, my mind was imaging how I can use fabrics in place of paper or other material in place of fabrics.

Be creative and shower your valentine with lotsa hearts…

{1} Valentine’s Cookies (I love how they convert an otherwise unromantic archetype of a Fortune Cookie to a romantic one. Make many and insert them with a different love message.). I’d like to see one made with patterned fabric!
{2}  All you need is love (Made with heart-shaped fabric. I think this is such a heart-warming valentine gift.)
{3} Hug me (Pillow with a love message – this one has a tutorial! Click on link.)
{4} iPad cover (I really like the modern hearts design)
{5) Puffed heart (a wall art piece – a display of love)
{6} More cookies (These are too pretty to be consumed! – Step-by-step guide for those who want to bake cookies for your valentine)
{7} Fluttering hearts (Say it with love… maybe it’s a love confession? ;>)
{8} Love Garland (I like the use of different fabrics here. Try it with paper or other material. This link comes with a tutorial but not in English so you may have to guess a bit.)

Typography is beautiful, each typeface carries a personality and tells its own story. I never get tired of classic typefaces, and what better way to integrate them into part of your living. Here are what I thought are some great applications of typography into our living. Enjoy…

{1} Cushions {2} Stuffed stones and elephant (I really adore these and how they look together in the box) {3} Type cloths (I want some!) {4} Type on armchair *drool* {5} Type furniture {6} Rattan chair (oh-so-unique…) {7} Tea towels

Moustaches are the rage. They are listed as trendy symbols in 2011! I find them pretty charming myself. Make them as the item itself or as an add-on to an existing item. Be creative!

I must say I didn’t find too many great inspirations around. Perhaps it’s time to make some?


{1} Moustache Pin {2} Cross stitch {3} Pillows! (lurve the chairs too!) {4} Stuffed toy {5} Necklaces (these are hot)

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: