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I met up with Noriko, organizer of the Popin Craft Tea Party I attended in March, for lunch last week, just to get acquainted with each other on what we do and how we can perhaps organize a sewing event together.

I learnt that she was making Hinomaru Badges to raise fund for Japan and gladly offered some time to help her with some sewing.

They are priced at SGD5 and are stocked at the following locations and will be until end of Apr. All proceeds will be donated through Singapore Red Cross.

  1. 15-minutes
    Blk D #01-01 McNally Street LASALLE College of the Arts Tel: 6333 5915
  2. Studio Miu Art
    391 Orchard Road #04-20V Takashimaya Shopping Centre Ngee Ann City Tel: 6733 0917
  3. Scoop of Art
    Marine Parade Community Club 278 Marine Parade Road #01-03 Tel: 6345 6563

Here are some pics of the sewing process… It was rather therapeutic for me over the long weekend. I was quite slow though… I only managed to sew 11 of them. The finished badges have been handed back to Noriko this morning. If you come across them, do consider giving your support.

Noriko passed me a bag of sewing materials.

Sewing the circular red felt first

Using blanket stitch to sew the white felt together.

Filling them with batting.


*UPDATE* Total fund upped from S$510 to S$557.20.

We were exhilarated by the results! It was more than double of what we expected and we want to thank all who have bid generously to contribute to the Japan Disaster 2011 fund.

Here are the auction results. Total fund raised: S$557.20
*ALL (100%) proceeds go to Red Cross Singapore for the Japan Disaster 2011 fund.

Chaco 1 – Eric Chng S$50 + S$39.10
Chaco 2 – Lai You Shen Cedric S$36.90 +S$8.10
Kibou 3 – Jenny Lim S$60.90
Kibou 4 – Eric Chng S$50
Chaco 5 – Pauline Neo S$25
Chaco 6 – Eric Chng S$50
Kibou 7 – Nie Yiqin S$20
Kibou 8 – Jackie Fang S$30
Chaco 9 – Risa Ng S$20
Chaco 10 – Lai You Shen Cedric S$35
Chaco 11 – Shirley See S$30 + S$20 (Shirley topped up another $20)
Kibou 12 – Wan Morday S$22.20
Chaco 13 – Noriko S$10 (Sold at the sewing event)

My cousin has also donated an extra $50 on top of the total above. I’m now waiting to collect all donations from all winners and will go on to make a cheque to Red Cross Singapore (for Japan Disaster 2011 fund) immediately.

Stuffed cat, Chaco 1

Winner: Eric Chng S$50

Stuffed cat, Chaco 2

Winner: Lai You Shen Cedric S$36.90

Stuffed owl, kibou 3

Winner: Jenny Lim S$60.90

Stuffed owl, Kibou 4

Winner: Eric Chng S$50

Stuffed cat, Chaco 5

Winner: Pauline Neo S$25

Stuffed cat, Chaco 6

Winner: Eric Chng S$50

Stuffed owl, Kibou 7

Winner: Nie Yiqin S$20

Stuffed owl, Kibou 8

Winner: Jackie Fang S$30

Stuffed cat, Chaco 9

Winner: Risa Ng S$20

Stuffed cat, chaco 10

Winner: Lai You Shen Cedric S$35

Stuffed Cat, Chaco 11

Winner: Shirley See S$30 + S$20

Stuffed owl, Kibou 12

Winner: Wan Morday S$22.20

Sew for Japan

We ‘Sew for Japan’ today

As Japan begins its journey to rescue and restore its nation, people, homes… and more. The rest of the world is praying and hoping for them. And there are those who has generously donated, unselfishly volunteered and freely caring. I thought I should also play a part albeit small in contributing to render some help.

Popin organized a public crafting event Lasalle Singapore today from 10am – 4pm. So I thought we could sew to raise funds for Japan. I emailed some friends to gather some interest. 3 made it today, including myself, so that makes 4. 🙂 I used Chaco (my cat) as one of the stuffed toy and created Kibou the Owl as the other. Kibou means ‘hope’ in Japan. Owl is a symbol of luck in Japan too, so we thought the owl is very apt. All fabrics and materials used were donated by Goood Fabrics. My friends brought items like beads to accessorize the stuffies too.

We managed to make 12 in all, one of which we already sold at the event. So there are 11 left, all of which are placed on Goood Fabrics Facebook Album. Please bid generously. Tell your friends about it!

  • Each stuff toy starts with a minimum bid of $20.
  • Bidding starts tonight and will end on Wed, 23rd Mar, 11.59pm.
  • Shipping within Singapore is FREE. International shipping charges apply.
  • Stuff toy (softie) is lovingly handmade and ~7cm in height.
  • Winner will be provided with payment details after auction ends.
  • Please go to Goood Fabrics FB Album page to start bidding.

We started sewing around 11am today til 4.30pm. It was an intensive but fun day. We were beat at the end of the day although all we did was just sit down and sew. This is the first sewing get-together for Goood Fabrics. I think we will have another one next month again! I hate to sound abit auntie here but the sew-together was really fun and a great bonding time with my friends and sis. We were chatting, laughing, latte-ing, eating, sewing… all for a good cause. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Sew for Japan

Setting up at Lasalle

Sewing template for owl and cat

I created these sewing templates specially for ‘Sew For Japan’.

Sis sewing intently... all focused to 'Sew for Japan'

Sis sewing intently… all focused to ‘Sew for Japan’

Jenny getting started…

First stuffie made for Japan Disaster Fund 2011

First stuffie made for Japan Disaster Fund 2011

Peng Hong - All eyes and hands on 'Sewing for Japan'

Peng Hong – All eyes and hands on ‘Sewing for Japan’

Sew… sew… sew little time!

Tired and happy sewing away...

Tired and happy…

Stuffed cat and owl

Stuffed cat and owl… all 11 of them. 1 already sold at the event.

Thanks for dropping by... I will share my sewing journey with you. I do hope you leave me some comments or feedback or just say hi! (: